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Leaders of the future

I am not sure who else needs to hear this but the pandemic is slowly but surely taking over our mind and is hijacking our energy. 2020 was all about adjusting to a sudden drastic shift in our daily life of a world as we have known it only so far. It may sound strange, […]

Get Unstuck

February 17, 2021

Is pessimism starting to distort your vision for the future? Do you feel stuck?

pessimistic outlook

Female Leadership, Leadership

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! – to all the inspiring, strong, fabulous women who continuously challenge the status quo and never give up.And also to those who are currently struggling and do not have the strength to challenge bias and inequality but give an example through their pure existence, their nourishing and care taking. Please trust […]


March 8, 2021

Working with plenty of diverse stakeholders and colleagues can be super enriching, fun and great learning from each other – but it isn’t always easy , especially when working remotely.
Here is what I learned along my 20 years corporate career with around 8 years working globally and remotely


May 2, 2020

7 tricks to deal with daily stakeholder alignment in a corporate environment

corporate stakeholder alignment


Journaling your goals every day to manifest your desires

Journaling your goals in a different way than you think

February 26, 2020

Last week I joined 2800 corporate leaders, employees from world organizations, SMB CEOs, entrepreneurs and other participants from 46 countries for a 3 day workshop by Dr. Joe Dispenza in Bogota, Colombia – a fascinating eyeopening seminar on neuroscientific lead change in ourselves, organizations, businesses and society as a whole. This training was about the […]


February 7, 2020

Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop in Bogota


Authenticity is the uncomfortable truth to confront yourself with what actually does not belong to you but also what is not perfect about you.⠀ We try to fit in, we make excuses, we avoid, we bottle up feelings and red flags, we pretend and we fake it. This is not always happening consciously and so […]

Authentic leadership in a changing world

January 8, 2020